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October, 2017

Baby Products

We met up with Daisy and Michelle from Abeille to find out more about what they do and how they do it.

Abeille are probably best known for their beautiful cellular blankets; a refreshing alternative to the standard ‘crispy’ and dull cellular blankets that were previously available.

Since the start, their blankets have become much sought after by parents-to-be who, like Abeille, believe an essential baby item can also be attractive.

Making ‘essential baby items beautiful’ is their main aim, and they appear to genuinely love doing it.

Their products can be found in an ever increasing number of retail outlets; their popularity is growing rapidly, and their product range is expanding. Very impressive for a 2 person self startup.

This has all happened in a very short space of time for Daisy and Michelle while also (even more impressively) being full-time mummies.

In addition to the desire and endeavour that these 2 ladies unarguably have, their gratitude to the people who have supported, encouraged and helped them along the way was evident.

“We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t enjoy it…We really enjoy it; we like the challenge.”

We initially discussed the idea of Daisy and Michelle featuring in one of our Small Business Stories earlier this year. They were very keen but due to our collective commitments it was a while before we could set a date for filming.

As a learning curve for us, we soon recognized that we would need to book a follow up date. It turns out, when you do a video interview with 2 people not 1, you need to allow more time (I know right? Who knew?).

We used the second date, to film the cutaways and product shots, and were also able to get some lovely shots of Daisy’s little boy showing how much he loves their product.


Co-founder / Director

Photograph by Teresa Walton

For someone who isn’t a performer or hasn’t been in front of a video camera before, it will be no surprise to hear that it can be quite daunting.

Initially Daisy and Michelle seemed understandably self conscious, so the first job was to help them feel comfortable with 2 cameras pointed at them.

They began to relax impressively quickly and we were soon able to start capturing some really lovely interactions and exchanges between them.

It was an absolute pleasure filming them, and we’re looking forward to finding out what their exciting new ranges will be!


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