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Long story short

How did an IT consultant and a Residential Social Worker end up creating a Film Production Company? We’ve been friends for well over a decade, and after starting out in very different fields, we both decided to follow our passions. One of us became an actor, the other a photographer.

In the interests of keeping this long story short, our respective careers gradually brought us both behind video cameras; one as a videographer, the other as a director. The actor discovered that both sides of the camera fulfilled a creative need, and the photographer found that shooting film was a natural progression from stills.

A year or so before Bright Brothers was founded, we decided to work together on a short project to help a friend with a fundraising campaign. It was immediately obvious that not only did we enjoy working together, but we complemented each other superbly, and couldn’t wait to find our next project.

After a remarkably short discussion, we set up Bright Brothers, and here we are.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Meet the Team

Videographer | Editor

I’ve been capturing stills and video professionally for many years after turning my passion into my career. I’m a bit of a techy geek at heart and love being outdoors, shooting with prime lenses. Coffee and good WiFi makes me happy.

Producer | Director

Whether in front or behind a camera, I love to be creative. I enjoy working on the details and nuances that make projects stand out. Much less techy than Alan, I’m not too fussed about the WiFi, but I definitely love coffee.

Film Dog
Actor | Mascot

My big break came when I accidentally walked into shot, during filming. Apparently my screen presence was so astounding that Alan & Trevor actually wrote in a part for me. Since then, my career has gone from strength to strength.

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