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Attaching a lavalier microphone ready for filming an interview

Where and how you host your video, can have a significant impact on speed, quality and resource drain on your website.

There is no point in having a top quality film produced, only for it to cause an unnecessary strain on your site, play in low-res, be riddled with ads, and end with irrelevant and unhelpful suggested videos that you have no control over.

Nothing puts the viewer off engaging with a video as much as the above.

With this in mind, when we host your video for you, you can rest assured that it will play in the highest res possible, will have minimal impact on the load time of your website, and that there will be no adverts or pop up to annoy or distract the viewer.

We can control the suggested videos that will appear at the end of your film; generally speaking we will disable them unless we are hosting multiple videos for you, in which case, they will show up.

You still have the ability to download a hard copy to upload to social media.

Motion Graphics

Closed Captions / Subtitles

Time Lapse / Hyper Lapse

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