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MARCH, 2017


For the first instalment of our Small Business Stories, we headed over to Eversfield Studio in West Sussex to interview music producer Tom B Cooper.

We had previously worked with him shooting a video for a London based singer-songwriter. Tom was producing the song and we discussed the idea of featuring his company in one of our Small Business Stories.

Happy to be involved, he even offered us the use of his music for a theme tune. Thank you very much; we chose a sample from “Lucky Man”.

Tom has been a musician in various guises for many years. Most notably he performs as a solo artist, fronts his own band called Kuqi, is a regular member of Lux Lisbon and works as a session musician.

Indeed, no sooner had we wrapped than he was heading off to play a gig. In other words, to paraphrase Garth from Wayne’s World for no other reason than it makes me chuckle, he likes to play.

In addition to performing, Tom has more recently been applying his skills and talents to the production side of the music industry.

From a business point of view this is what we wanted to find out more about. He has an obvious passion for creativity as well as undoubted musical talent.

He is, admittedly part of a somewhat talented family that include singers, performers, actors, musicians, and at least one puppeteer.

“I absolutely love what I do. Even when those hard times come, then it’s the best job in the world for me and I couldn’t ever imagine doing anything else.”

After setting a filming date, we explained what we were looking to do and how the shoot would be structured. In order to avoid the ‘over prepared’ responses you often get however, we didn’t show Tom the questions we’d be asking beforehand.

There is a slight gamble here, specifically as you can end up throwing the interviewee off balance or taking a bit longer to get what you wanted. You may, for example need to go back over bits to ensure you have an editable clip.

In contrast though, the pay-off is huge. You end up with a relaxed and genuine response. You get to see the interviewee considering their answers and therefore more of their true character is visible.


Co-founder / Director

Photograph by Teresa Walton

It turned out though that Tom was actually very relaxed from the start. He knew what he wanted to tell people, and we really only needed to go back over things for technical reasons or to ensure an important point was made.

Tom’s professionalism and enjoyment for what he does was obvious to us straight away. It certainly comes across in the video; how he approaches marketing, promoting himself and also how he keeps himself motivated.

“I have to go out and seek new artists to work with. If I don’t…things get very stale for me creatively; and in the business sense”.

When we filmed Tom he was on week 2 of his ‘A Song A Week‘ project. In case the project title doesn’t give it away, he is writing, performing, recording and producing one song every week!


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